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Desyde GPS Tracker


System Desyde GPS Tracker is designed to track moving objects in real time. As the object of control can play vehicles or other moving objects, for example, children with disabilities (and others that require supervision), pets.

The system is based on the use of tracking devices (GPS-tracker) which coordinates defining the location of objects and transmit them to the server using the GPRS-connection

  • display the current location of objects on an electronic map, and their speed and direction;
  • Multiple types tracker;
  • tracking objects individually or in groups;
  • opportunity to review and analysis of the routes passed objects for a certain period of time (for the purpose of their optimization):
  • under the control of movement of an object to a given route (passing through specified checkpoints);
  • register deviations object of a given route or stopping in inappropriate places;
  • Apache Struts 2
  • Spring 2.5.6
  • EclipseLink
  • Database: Oracle Express
  • Application Server: JBoss